2021 Firecracker Fling

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Live Scoring

PDGA Digital Scorecard will be the official scoring method for this tournament. All players will also be required to keep a paper scorecard as backup and for verification. Please pay attention when entering scores, and be sure to review your scores (hole by hole) at the end of the round. Please follow these instructions for Digital Scorecard:
Players and spectators can view the scores in progress at www.PDGALive.com
To learn more about PDGA Digital Scorecard, you can read watch these brief videos:

Previous Results

2020 Central, Dolly Cooper
2019 Foothills, Dolly Cooper
2018 Foothills, Dacusville
2017 Foothills, Timmons
2016 Foothills, Century
2015 Foothills, Tyger River
2014 Foothills, Shoally Creek
2013 Foothills, Shoally Creek
2012 Century, Central
2011 Foothills, Timmons
2010 Foothills, Shoally Creek
2009 Foothills
2008 Foothills
2007 Foothills
2006 Foothills
2005 Foothills

2021 Upstate Club Membership

Register now for 2021 Upstate Club Membership. Bag Tags and minis (for first-time members) will be available for pickup at the tournament. Shirts will be delivered at a later date.